Water Soluble Detergent


Spray Type (carbon steel, cast steel, stainless, Cu and Mg)

Grease and industrial oil adhere firmly to surfaces due to the strong heat and pressure from processes. General alkali detergent cannot get rid of these substances. SZ–7 removes thermally denaturalized oil, and also shows strong degreasing and cleaning power on severely polluted surfaces. SZ–7 completely removes oil with high molecular weight, extreme pressure oil, quenching oil, press oil, and cutting oil even in low concentration.


• Shows great degreasing power even on heavy oil with high molecular weight
• Has a long lifespan with good deoiling properties
• Shows excellent degreasing power even in low concentration
• Small amount of waste water generated since solution usage time is expanded and easy to treat wastewater

[ Properties and method ]

Appearance  Colorless semitransparent liquid Concentration 5~20% diluted in water
Odor None Temp. 70~ 80 ℃
Acidity (1%sol),
1N HCl
6.1±0.5 P.P/1N HCl Method Spray, electrolytic degreasing
S/G (g/ml) 1.29 ± 0.02 Packing 20L (pail) / 200L (drum)

※ Solution management

• Check the initial alkalinity of the solution (initial level 5.2–5.6, 1N HCl)
• When the alkalinity decreases, add adequate amount of the original solution in order to reset the alkalinity back to its initial level
• Remove oil and residual carbons (carbon, metal particle) which flowed in to the bath using filters and deoiler
• SZ–7 does not age quickly due to good deoiling property
• When replenishing the solution, add adequate amount of SZ–7 to readjust the alkalinity

[ Application ]

• Carbon steel, cast steel, stainless steel, and various parts made of Mg