Water Soluble Detergent


Eco-friendly High Performance Water Soluble Detergent

DAC-2030N is consisted of surfactant with high biodegradability, and the solution can solve the problems and issues of huge amount of wastewater and environmental pollution which are caused by existing alkali & solvent-based cleaners. DAC-2030N performs greatly even in low concentration.

[ Features ]

• Provides outstanding surface cleanliness
• No corrosion or discoloration occurs after cleaning
• Has excellent biodegradability as an water soluble degreaser consisted of natural surfactants
• Nearly non-toxic to human body and not subject to any environmental regulations
• Economical since the solution is used diluted in water

[ Properties and method ]

Concentration 10~20% diluted in water Method Dipping, dipping ultrasonic
Temp. 50 ~ 70℃ Packing 20kg (pail)  /  200kg (drum)
pH 4.5 ± 0.5 Application Cleaning various oil

[ Cleaning oil on SUS plate ]

[ Cleaning oil on Al30 & 40 ]