Semiconductor Grade


DFR (Dry Film Resist) Stripper

DST-5000 strips DFR (Dry Film Resist) on PCB and glass without reactivity to lower layer.


• Easy to wash off
• Long time of use with a simple filter
• Strips DFR only without damage to parent material
• Stripping feature is controllable by dilution ratio in water

[ Properties and method ]

Appearance None or light yellow liquid Concentration 10~20% diluted in water
Odor None Temp. Room temp. ~ 50 ℃
pH(10%) 12.88 ± 0.5 Method Dipping
S/G (g/ml) 1.24 ± 0.02 Packing 20L (pail) / 200L (drum)

※ Solution management

1) Check the initial pH of the solution.
2) When the stripping power decreases, check the pH and add the adequate amount of the original solution.
3) When the solution has been aged due to the long term use, replace it with new solution.

※ Pictures of stripping

Before stripping During stripping After stripping