Rust Remover & Corrosion Inhibitor


Carbon Cleaner

MS-100 effectively removes rust faster than other inorganic acid such as HCl, H2SO4, HNO3 without damage to metal. MS-100 provides anticorrosive effect on the surface after cleaning, and the cleaned surface does not affect the post processes such as painting, welding, plating, etc.


• Completely dissolves rust, carbon deposits, and oxide on metal without damaging the plating layer or the metal surface even in room temp.
• Removes rust more effectively compared to existing inorganic acid (hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid)
• Provides anticorrosive effect for 1 month the longest after removing the rust
• Cleaned surface does not affect the post processes such as painting, welding, plating, etc.
• May apply to various metal

[ Properties and method ]

Appearance  Light yellow transparent liquid Concentration Original/undiluted
Odor Unique odor Temp. Room temp. ~ 50 ℃
pH(10%) 1.31 ± 0.5 Method Dipping, coating, spray
S/G (g/ml) 1.16 ± 0.02 Packing 20L (pail) / 200L (drum)

※ Application method

  • 1. Excessive oil or grease shall be removed before rust removal process since they prevent MS-100 from penetrating to the surface. (Cleaner: Use SeacleanC)
  • 2. Choose proper application method based on the condition of the target object. (dipping, coating, spray)
    • – Dipping : Dilute MS-100 in proper concentration. Process time may take 15~30 min. Additional rinsing won’t be necessary before drying. Process shall be held in containers made of plastic, rubber, or stainless.
    • – Coating : Applicable when the target object is small or partial. Coat the surface with diluted solution using soft cloth or brush. After 10~20min., wipe out and dry completely.
    • – Spray: Spray when dipping or coating may not be an option. Spray at low pressure. Sprayed vapor will subside since specific gravity of the solution is quite heavy.
      In process, spray starting from the top to the bottom. Spray carefully in joints, welded sites, bolts, and cracks. MS-100 has excellent penetration force, therefore simple spraying will allow deep penetration to the tiniest cracks. If necessary, rinse the surface by spraying the water and dry after 20~30 min. later.
  • 3. Since MS-100 is not at risk of starting fire, the solution can be diluted at any concentration. Application temperature shall be in the range of 20~50℃ depends on the condition of the target object, but is also okay to be increased up to 60℃ for rapid process.
  • 4. Paint can be coated right after applying MS-100.
  • 5. Wastewater treatment : Adjust the pH up to 7 using calcium oxide, and settle the solution by adding organic coagulant.

[ Application ]

• Oxide layer removal on mold, precision instrument, precision parts, industrial machinery, tools, bearing, etc.
• Maintenance of large storage tank, piping, etc.
• Metal plating and rust removal of automobile, heavy equipment, shipbuilding, etc.

※ Removal of oxide deposit on intake and exhaust valve of marine and heavy equipment engine

※ Removal of oxide layer and contaminants on Al tube

※ Removal of oxidized layer on SCNF steel