Scale Remover & Chemical Polisher


Stainless Steel Degreaser

DAC-105 is a high functional cleaner which removes oil and carbide generated from drawing and rolling process. DAC-105 gets rid of the carbon particle and thermal denaturalized oil which might cause defect in post processes such as plating, heat treatment, and etc.


• Suitable for precision part cleaning and the process which needs perfect cleaning of the components
• Safe to human body
• More economical compared to existing alkali cleaners

[ Properties and method ]

Appearance  Colorless transparent liquid Concentration 10~20% diluted in water
Odor Orange scent Temp. 70~ 80 ℃
pH(Original Solution) 1.2 ± 0.5 Method Dipping, dipping ultrasonic, spray
S/G (g/ml) 1.02 ± 0.02 Packing 20L (pail) / 200L (drum)

※ Solution management

  • (1) Check the initial acidity of the solution.
  • (2) Remove the oil flowed in using a deoiler. DAC-105 excellently deoils, though if oil concentration in the solution is above 25ml/L, cleaning power decreases.
  • (3) If deoiler is not available to use, install the oil absorption pad on the top of the bath. Change the pad 3~4 times/week depends on the quantity of the oil generated.
  • (4) If the cleaning power decreases, check the acidity and replenish the solution.
    Initial acidity : 2.37, acidity to add DAC-105 : 2.55
    Cleaning power will be maintained even if to add only 10~20% of the initial amount of the solution.
  • (5) (4) If duration of the cleaning time becomes longer and the acidity drops down to half and below, change the solution to a new one. If deoiling equipment is installed properly, discharge half of the used solution, and add water and new solution which the amount equals the discharged half.