Al Surface Treatment Agent


Smut Remover

Aluminum and its alloy generate large amount of smut when oxidized or etched if there are other metal contents inside, and the smut adheres to the metal surface and make it blackish. If oxidizing power from nitric acid is low, smut is not removed completely and remains on the surface. Consequentially, it decreases adhesion in plating and filming process.

PEROXENE solves these problems and provides excellent desmutting effects which elevate the adhesion of chromate and final plating layer.


• Rapidly and completely gets rid of smut from oxidizing and etching process of Al
• Maximizes the adhesion when filming chromate or plating

[ Properties and method ]

Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Concentration 5~10% diluted in water
Odor None Temp. Room temp.
pH(1%) 1.5 ± 0.5 Method Dipping
S/G (g/ml) 1.18 ± 0.02 Packing 20L (pail) / 200L (drum)

[ Application ]

• Smut removal of aluminum alloy

※ Components and picture of Al with smut remaining on the surface after etching process