CBF (Conductive Bonding Film)


Conductive Bonding Film

JCF-1060 is thermosetting conductive bonding film developed by conductive adhesive compounding technology in conjunction with film manufacturing technology. Since adhesive layer of JCF-1060 is conductive, it can bond FPC which contains component assembly such as camera module or LCD module of cell phones to stiffener, and also provides EMI shielding function.

[ Application ]

• To adhere and electrically conduct FPC and metal stiffener

[ Features ]

• Outstanding adhesion to stiffener (Ni/SUS, Nickel silver)
• Strengthens GND by conducting GND pattern of FPC to metal stiffener with stable conductivity
• High tolerance to moisture and heat

[ Structure ]

[ Process condition ]

Recommended process
Pre-bonding 130℃ x 6kgf/㎠ x 1sec.
Final bonding 150℃ x 30kgf/㎠ x 30min.

[ Product Information ]

Size Length : >20m, width : 30~500mm
Storage Cold storage under 4℃
Shelf life 6 months

[ Properties ]

Item Unit Value Test method
Thickness μm 60 Digital gage
Density g/cm3 2.4 Density cup
Tensile strength N/㎠ 332 ASTM D 1000
Tg 173.6 DSC
Heat conductivity W/mK 2.78 ASTM D 5470
Resistance Surface resistance Film Ω/□ 8.09X10-2 JIS K 7194
After press* 9.34X10-3
Volume resistance Film Ω*㎝ 4.85X10-4 JIS K 7194
After press* 5.59X10-5
Adhesion strength PI, Ni-SUS N/㎝ > 8 90°, 50mm/min.

Peel-off test

Cu, Ni-SUS > 7

* : Tested after final bonding of Ni-SUS and JCF-1060

[ Environmental effect ]

Environmental regulation JCF-1060
Halogen free OK
Pb, Cd, Cr VI, Hg free OK