Glass Etchant


Glass Frost Etchant (Haze 90% ↑)

Gfro-1 is a high functional glass frost etchant which can substitute HF. It minimizes corrosion on glasses and has low toxicity to human body, equipment and environment. Gfro-1 can be applied by simple dipping as the solution is in sludge (liquid) state, this simplifies unnecessary and dangerous procedures.


• Nearly no corrosion and irritation on the equipment and human body
• Surface of glass shall be etched with light milky color after the processing
• The solution is in liquid state, mixing process and related equipment are not necessary
• Does not create HF gas and provides stable processing condition. Leads to excellent usability
• Improves productivity by etching glasses stably
• Surface can be rinsed off easily after etching

[ Properties and method ]

Appearance White opaque liquid Concentration Original/undiluted
Odor Light acid odor Temp. 20 ~ 30 ℃
Acidity (1%sol),
14.6±0.5 M.O/1N NaOH Method Dipping, spray
S/G (g/ml) 1.36 ± 0.02 Packing 20kg (pail) / 200kg (drum)

[ Application ]

• Frost etching of various types of glass bottles

Surface roughness (After etching glass bottles, 23℃, 8 sec.)

Ra (Arithmetical average Surface roughness)
= 0.37μm, 0.38μm 0.40μm