Eco-friendly Chloric Detergent


Eco-friendly Vapor Degreasing Organic Cleaner

CleanSafe-707 is a low-toxic and low-pollution cleaner which does not contain ozone depletion and toxic properties of existing cleaners. It does not cause corrosion on metal, and provides excellent cleaning power on organic substances (oil, Si, etc.) with high solvency. Additionally, CS-707 provides good usage efficiency from excellent recycling properties.


• Chemically stable – no transmutation or corrosion of metal and other material (Applicable to Al, Cu, etc.)
• Easily gets rid of contaminants such as oil, dusts and etc. on all sort of metal, material and equipment
• Eco-friendly cleaner without toxicity to human body and environmental issues (VOC unregulated, zero ODP)
• Shows high detergency (KB value : 102, low surface tension)
• Nonflammable
• Active organic cleaner with excellent solvency
• Not subject to environmental regulations

[Properties and method]

Appearance Colorless transparent liquid Concentration Original/undiluted
Odor Weak alcohol odor Temp. Room temp.
pH(1:1) 7.0 ± 1.0 Method Dipping /  dipping ultrasonic  /  vapor degreasing / spray
S/G (g/ml) 1.26 ± 0.02 Packing 20kg (pail)  /  200kg (drum)

[ Application Case 1 : Removal of oil on a condenser ]

Before after

[ Application Case 2 : Dissolution of resin & Si ]

Before after

[ Application Case 3 : Removal of MLCC Cu paste ]

Before after

[ Application Case 4 : Cleaning oil on a lens ]

Before after