Al Surface Treatment Agent


Smut Remover for AlDC Process

SR-893D removes smut after Al etching process, and it can substitute HNO3 and HF. SR-893D also removes various carbides, scale, etc. and improves working condition by generating only small quantity of gas.


• Minimizes NOx gas which is harmful to environment and human body
• Easy to treat wastewater
• Minimizes faults around the holes
• Provides good adhesion for post treatment such as plating, painting, filming, etc.
SR-893D can be handled in room temperature

[ Properties and method ]

Concentration Original/undiluted Method Dipping
Temp. Room temp. (20 ~ 25℃) Packing 20kg (pail)  /  200kg (drum)
pH 1.5 ± 0.5 Application Al desmutting, scale removal

[ How to use ]

  • 1. Treatment process
    Degreasing (DAC-2060) → washing → etching (DAC-109DZ) → washing → desmutting (SR-893D) → washing → chrome filming (CAL-30) → washing → dry
  • 2. How to maintain product quality
    Check acidity frequently and add adequate amount of original solution when acidity is decreased during use.
  • 3. Equipment
    Use acid resistant material such as PE, PP, teflon, etc.

[ Etching smartphone frame ]

Before After

[ Al scale removal ]

Before After