Insoluble Detergent


Odorless Hydrocarbon Cleaner Substituting TCE

CS-101HC perfectly cleans off contaminants which are generated from degreasing process of automobile parts, etc. CS-101HC is an odorless and flame resisting hydrocarbon cleaner, and it does not need explosion-proof equipment, nor exclusive cleaning machine to apply the product.


• Categorized as non-dangerous goods
• Excellently cleans off metal processing oil
• Corrosion resistant to metal
• Outstanding solvency
• Flame retardant solvent; able to substitute B.T.X.

[ Application ]

• Cleaning of metal processing oil; cutting oil, rolling oil, blanking oil, etc.
• Shows high solvency to paint, ink, adhesive, etc.
• Removal of flux and solder cream on PCB

[ Application method ]

• Dipping / ultrasonic (room temp.~70℃)
• Spray
• Rinsing / hot air drying etc.

Grade Regular Flame resisting
Appearance Colorless transparent Colorless transparent
Odor Weak pine scent Weak pine scent
pH 7.00±1.0 7.00±1.0
Specific gravity 0.720±0.02 0.960±0.02
Surface tension 25 21
KB Value 140 140
Boiling point (℃) 155~195 155~195
Flash point (℃) 42~105 None
Vapor pressure (mmHg) 23 23
ODP/GWP/Carcinogenicity N/A N/A