Al Surface Treatment Agent


Al Trivalent Chromate Agent

CAL-30 is a trivalent chromate agent which can substitute hexavalent chromate agent. It is a high functional trivalent chromate agent which can be used in room temperature, and provides excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion on the surface.


• Substitutes hexavalent chromate agent
• Provides corrosion resistance as same quality as hexavalent chromate agent
• Easy to handle in room temperature and by simple dipping

[ Properties and method ]

Concentration 20% diluted in water Method Dipping
Temp. Room temp. (20 ~ 25℃) Packing 20kg (pail)  /  200kg (drum)
pH 3.3 ± 0.2 Application Al chromate process

[ How to use ]

  • 1. Treatment process
    Degreasing (DAC-2060) → washing → etching (DAC-109DZ) → washing → desmutting (SR-893D) → washing → chrome filming (CAL-30) → washing → dry
  • 2. How to maintain product quality
    When pH drops below 3.1 during chromate process, add ammonia water to adjust the pH.
  • 3. Equipment
    Use acid resistant material such as PE, PP, teflon, etc.

[ Etching smartphone frame ]

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