Scale Remover & Chemical Polisher


Cu Surface Treatment Agent

ST-203 is a high functional surface treatment agent which removes scale and oil generated from pressing, drawing & annealing processes, and oxidized layer formed from long term storage. After cleaning, the solution does not cause discoloration of material even in long term storage.

[ Properties and method ]

Appearance  Colorless transparent liquid Concentration 10~25% diluted in water
Odor Unique odor Temp. Room temp. ~ 50 ℃
pH(1%) 1 ± 0.5 Method Dipping, spray
S/G (g/ml) 1.12 ± 0.02 Packing 20L (pail) / 200L (drum)

※ Solution management

• Check the initial acidity of the solution.
• When the time of etching becomes longer, check the acidity and add adequate amount of original solution.
• When the solution is used for a long term, change the solution to a new one.

※ Wastewater treatment

  • (1) Set the pH to 7.5~8.0 with NaOH.
  • (2) Settle the solution by adding inorganic coagulants.
  • (3) Filter and discharge.