Surface Treatment Agent

Environment friendly organic cleaner
CS-707, as an eco-friendly cleaner, it is low-toxic and low-pollution cleaner. CS-707 is safe to human body, and does not contain hazardous substances which affect the global warming phenomenon and ozone layer destruction. It is an active organic cleaner with excellent solvency which gets rid of oil, Si, etc. on all sort of metal, material and equipment. Also, CS-707 does not cause transmutation or corrosion of metal and material, prolong the life cycle since the cleaner is recyclable.


  • Chemically stable – no transmutation or corrosion of metal and other material (Applicable to Al, Cu, etc.)
  • Easily gets rid of contaminants such as oil, dusts and etc. on all sort of metal, material and equipment
  • Eco-friendly cleaner without toxicity to human body and environmental issues (VOC unregulated, zero ODP)
  • Shows high detergency (KB value : 102, low surface tension)
  • Nonflammable
  • Active organic cleaner with excellent solvency
  • Not subject to environmental regulations

[Removal of oil on a condenser]


Semiconductor, LED, LCD, secondary battery (Lithium battery), mobile devices, etc.

Semiconductor LED LCD
Secondary battery (lithium battery) Mobile Solar cell

[Application Example]

Oil removal on lead frame of semiconductor Removal of flux and carbide on LED lead frame Cleaning of solar battery module
Concentration Undiluted Undiluted Undiluted
Temperature 55 ~ 70℃ 60℃ Room temp.
Method 1) Ultrasonic : 2 min.
2) Vapor degreasing
: 2 min.
1) Dipping (60℃) : 1 min.
2) Ultrasonic : 2 min.
1) Ultrasonic : 1 min.
2) Vapor degreasing
: 1 min. 30 sec.
Dry Air drying in room temp. Air drying in room temp. Air drying in room temp.


SprayCleanSafe-707sp Type


  • Flux removal on PCB
  • Ink removal in printing process
  • Maintenance of elevator, aircraft, vessel, and automobile, etc. (removal of oil and foreign substances)
  • leaning of all sorts of heavy equipment and machines
  • Removal of various oil (drawing oil, cutting oil, blanking oil, rust-preventing oil, etc.)


  • Shake before use and spray liberally on surface to be cleaned.
  • Wipe with smooth cloth if necessary.
  • Test before actual use, the product may be harmful to some resin (polycarbonate, ABS, etc.) and metal.

CS-series Properties

Category Item Halogen Free Halogen
CS-101HC CS-301SK CS-501ES CS-707
Properties Main raw material Hydrocarbon Glycol ether ester trans-1,2-


Specific gravity (25℃) 0.720 ± 0.02 1.060 ± 0.02 1.040 ± 0.02 1.268 ± 0.02
Boiling point (℃) 155 ~ 195 180 90 48
Vapor pressure (25℃) 23 mmHg 70 mmHg 70 mmHg 330 mmHg
Safety Flash point (℃) 42~105 100 None None
Detergency KB value 140 Immeasurable 123 102
Surface tension 25.0 dyne/㎝ 40.0 dyne/㎝ 35.0 dyne/㎝ 20.1 dyne/cm
Environmental effect ODP No data No data No data 0
GWP No data No data No data 0
VOC No data No data No data Unregulated
Carcinogenicity IARC No data No data No data No data
ACGIH No data No data No data No data
Exposure limit TWA (ppm)
– Korea
1,000 ppm No data No data No data
TWA (ppm)
– overseas
1,000 ppm(ACGIH) No data No data 200 ppm(ACGIH)

[CS-series Metal Reactivity]

Material CS-101HC CS-301SK CS-501ES CS-707
Condition 20℃/1 day dip
Aluminum & Alloy (10~60 series)
Carbon Steel
Stainless 304 & 306
Stainless 430
Molybdenium X

○ : Applicable with no reactivity △ : Timid reactivity X : Not applicable with high reactivity (corrosion)
Above result is common outcome and test for each material shall be done in advance before actual use to check the effect to the material.