Surface Treatment Agent

Glass Etchant

Necessity to substitute HF

Jeonyoung’s glass etchants

  • GT-2000
  • GT-2004
    Slimming etching
  • GT-6400
    Chemical cutting etching
  • GT-7000
    Gorilla glass etching
  • GT-250MG4
    Pattern etching
  • Gfro-1
    Frost etching

[TFT-LCD Glass Etchant GT-series]

HF GT-2004 Remarks
Amount used 3.5L / sheet 3.5L / sheet
Life time ≒35~50 sheets / 1day ≒360 sheets / 7days
Faulty yield 33% 2%
Faulty cause Dimple, stain Dimple
Faulty size Larger than 150㎛
Dimple 300ea/10㎠
Smaller than 150㎛
Dimple 40ea/10㎠
Shape of dimple
Etching rate(㎛/min.) 12~15 7~7.5 Both sides
Etching 1.26T~0.8T 1.26T~0.8T
Temperature 28~33℃
Automatic increase by exothermic reaction
Surface tension 68 dyne/㎝ 40 dyne/㎝
Shape of sludge Crystallized & hard type Gel soft type
Product life time Bump occurrence Dimple distribution