Insoluble Detergent


Eco-friendly Cleaner Substituting TCE

CS-501ES is an eco-friendly and non-chlorine cleaner. It does not contain carcinogens, nor hazardous substances which affect the global warming phenomenon and ozone layer destruction. CS-501ES can substitute 1,2-DCP, n-PB, TCE, MC, etc.


• Excellent cleaning power – Flame resisting
• Low-toxic – weak odor
• Does not cause corrosion of bronze, brass, pure copper, and aluminum

[ Application ]

• Removal of processing oil (cutting oil, rolling oil, blanking oil, etc.) and particle of dust
• Removal of flux and solder cream on PCB

[ Application method ]

• Dipping / ultrasonic (room temp.~70℃)
• Vapor degreasing (95~110 ℃), etc.

Grade Regular Flame resisting
Appearance Colorless transparent Colorless transparent
Odor Weak alcohol smell Weak alcohol smell
pH 7.50±1.0 8.00±1.0
Specific gravity 1.040±0.02 1.210±0.02
Surface tension 35 28
KB Value 110 115
Boiling point (℃) 90 92
Flash point (℃) 18
Vapor pressure (mmHg) 70 70
ODP/GWP/Carcinogenicity N/A N/A