Metal Etchant


ITO Etchant

ST-5049IS is an exclusive etchant of ITO which forms desired patterns on wafer, and it minimizes damage to photo resist. ST-5049IS improves undercut phenomenon in process, and the product is applicable not only in semiconductor field, but also for smartphone components, etc.


• Forms patterns minimizing damage to photo resist
• Forms high quality patterns without excessive corrosion of metal
• After etching, no residue of metal or foreign substances left on the surface

[ Properties and method ]

Concentration Original/undiluted Method Dipping, ultrasonic
Temp. Room temp. ~ 50 ℃ Packing 20kg (pail)  /  200kg (drum)
pH 1.0 ± 0.5 Application ITO etchant

[ Before and after wafer ITO etching ]

Before etching After etching