Insoluble Detergent


Eco-friendly Flux Cleaner Substituting IPA

CS-301SK is a low-toxic & low-pollution cleaner and does not contain hazardous substances which affect the global warming phenomenon and ozone layer destruction. CS-301SK is an eco-friendly cleaner and safe to human body since it is consisted of Solketal which is made of glycerine.


• Water soluble
• Categorized as non-dangerous goods
• Excellently gets rid of flux on PCB
• Does not cause corrosion of metal
• Outstanding solvency

[ Application ]

• Excellently gets rid of water soluble or rosin flux on reflow system and PCB.
• Cleans off residue on metal mask perfectly
• Multipurpose glycol ether cleaner which is applicable to SMT

[ Application method ]

• Dipping / ultrasonic (room temp.~70℃)
• Spray
• Rinsing (room temp., w/water / drying etc.

Grade Regular Flame resisting
Appearance Colorless transparent Colorless transparent
Odor None None
pH 7.00±1.0 8.00±1.0
Specific gravity 1.060±0.02 1.200±0.02
Surface tension 34 31
KB Value Immeasurable Immeasurable
Boiling point (℃) 180 158
Flash point (℃) 100
Vapor pressure (mmHg) 70 70
ODP/GWP/Carcinogenicity N/A N/A